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What Defines the Digital Workplace?

When we talk to people about how technology is changing the way they work, we hear lots of excitement about new digital tools that can improve collaboration and help companies connect in a more intuitive way with their customers. However, there’s still a bit of lingering confusion about what the term “digital workplace” actually means.

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High-Value Collaboration Centers Deliver ROI for the Entire C-Suite

When you invite colleagues, customers, or prospects into your briefing room, do you have trouble keeping them engaged? Before I came to Prysm, I led a high-performing corporate creative team that worked tirelessly to create content for the business. But when it came time to present our progress, I had no choice other than to distill all that high-impact work onto PowerPoint slides that could be shown through a standard projector. Videos and websites became screenshots. eBooks became thumbnails. Digital experiences became static images. You get the idea: What was incredible content “in the wild” turned dull and one-dimensional in the briefing room. The lack of presentation options created similar challenges for my colleagues in sales, as well.

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Digitize Your Journey Mapping Processes

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend Forrester's journey mapping workshop in their San Francisco office. It was a great mix of content and group exercises to give everyone hands-on experience mapping the journey of a customer. We had a pretty impressive journey map by the end of the afternoon!

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Streamlining Our Marketing Meetings with Co-browsing

Our marketing meetings at Prysm have several different purposes – campaign planning, design reviews, weekly status, one-on-one working sessions – the list goes on. The content we need to share in those meetings varies. With the recent release of co-browsing, we’ve been able to streamline the prep required for any meeting, as well as to dramatically enhance the meeting experience itself.

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Prysm's Virtual Whiteboard: Why I Can't Live Without It

I admit it. I'm addicted to pens and paper. I have specific pens that I use for lists, others that I use for sketching, some for work, some for personal use, some that I keep in my bag, and so on. I know what you're thinking: yes, I work for a tech company! But I love the feel of pen on paper. The colors help me stay organized. And I'm just a highly visual person. What can I say? It's my thing. 

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Keepin' It Real: Six Realities of Today's Workplace You Can No Longer Ignore

Thanks to the advent of mobile technology and ubiquitous Internet access, an increasing number of people now work outside of the office one or more days per week.1 The shift also means that companies can more easily assemble a global workforce,  integrating team members from multiple locations and time zones. These changes have the potential to increase innovation, productivity, and employee satisfaction while lowering costs for employers — but only if we adjust our processes and technologies accordingly.

We've identified six new realities about the state of today's workplace that business leaders must recognize and manage in order to reap the benefits of today's modern work styles. Once you've read through these, learn more about how the Prysm Visual Workspace can help your company transform the way you work.