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High-Value Collaboration Centers Deliver ROI for the Entire C-Suite

Posted by Hannah Grap

When you invite colleagues, customers, or prospects into your briefing room, do you have trouble keeping them engaged? Before I came to Prysm, I led a high-performing corporate creative team that worked tirelessly to create content for the business. But when it came time to present our progress, I had no choice other than to distill all that high-impact work onto PowerPoint slides that could be shown through a standard projector. Videos and websites became screenshots. eBooks became thumbnails. Digital experiences became static images. You get the idea: What was incredible content “in the wild” turned dull and one-dimensional in the briefing room. The lack of presentation options created similar challenges for my colleagues in sales, as well.

If you find that you’re facing the same kind of hurdles—and as a result, suffering from lack of engagement, poor conversion rates, and the like—updating your briefing room into a high-value collaboration center could prove to be one of the best moves you make all year. And you won’t be the only one to benefit. At Prysm, we’ve seen time and time again how high-value collaboration centers can deliver ROI for the entire C-suite. Here’s how:

  • CIO. Yesterday’s briefing room technologies are largely ineffective at meeting their most fundamental requirements: engagement and collaboration. But CIOs can now choose to implement new technologies that make it easier than ever for people to engage with presentations, projects, documents, conversations, and ideas, whether in live meetings, in virtual conferences, or asynchronously, offline. In addition, unifying a workforce with flexible, agnostic digital tools maximizes efficiencies and productivity, while improving versatility—all of which can mean fewer headaches for IT.
  • CEO. New digital tools can make it easier for the CEO to prep for board meetings. Then, once board members arrive at the high-value collaboration center (on-site or virtually), they can enjoy a more compelling and immersive experience. Modern video walls make it easy to display and interact with graphics and data feeds, enabling whoever is in the room to more easily understand relationships within the data, debate questions in real-time, and spot opportunities. Of course, CEOs can also benefit from the enhanced brand pride and improved employee engagement enabled by new briefing center technology.
  • CFO. CFOs want to see company resources used in smart ways. Since new high-value collaboration centers are versatile and can be used across all departments, you’ll get to ROI faster. Plus, an updated briefing center can boost the effectiveness of your workforce by improving content permanence, facilitating teamwork, and inspiring innovation.
  • Sales. In interviews with customers and prospects, we’ve found that conversion rates from visits to experience centers have dropped from a high of around 90% in the mid-2000s to as low as 60% percent today. Why? Because prospects are developing “pitch-fatigue,” and it’s getting increasingly difficult for them to remember who said what where. By updating from PowerPoint decks to immersive presentation tools, your sales team will be able to offer a unique multi-sensory experience. They’ll be able to be draw prospects in with content that’s engaging and interactive, helping them stand out from competitors and putting them in the best position to succeed.
  • CMO. Updating your briefing room can help Marketing in a variety of different ways. For starters, when your sales team closes more deals (see above) and shortens the sales cycle, Marketing also wins. Video walls can also be extremely effective for marketing functions like customer journey mapping. What’s more, research by one of our customers showed that updating to immersive presentation tools significantly improved content retention and the overall brand experience. The study found that those who participated in an immersive experience could recall almost 80% of the critical information presented 90 days later; less than 5% of those who attended a traditional PowerPoint presentation could do the same.

Conventional meeting rooms aren’t built to meet the demands of today’s workforce. By turning your briefing space into a high-value collaboration center, your company will be able to work more efficiently, communicate ideas more effectively, and drive revenue by winning more deals.

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