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Streamlining Our Marketing Meetings with Co-browsing

Posted by Hannah Grap

Our marketing meetings at Prysm have several different purposes – campaign planning, design reviews, weekly status, one-on-one working sessions – the list goes on. The content we need to share in those meetings varies. With the recent release of co-browsing, we’ve been able to streamline the prep required for any meeting, as well as to dramatically enhance the meeting experience itself.

Let me explain.


We use Office 365 to manage most of our work. We have a marketing group site on SharePoint to manage documents, a shared marketing calendar, and other information. We use Microsoft Planner to track tasks for marketing projects and we use Microsoft Teams to communicate with each other on specific projects. For our website and marketing automation, we use Hubspot, and we do our reporting in Salesforce.

Before co-browsing, our meetings could be sometimes be challenging for remote participants, given the number of web applications we need to look at as a team. We would often resort to sharing one of our laptop screens via Skype or live-source streaming within a Prysm project, so we could see the site and any related content at the same time. Sometimes we’d take screenshots and upload them to the meeting space. While these options worked (and are significantly better than a lot of other meeting tools I’ve used in the past) it wasn’t an ideal solution.  

Enter co-browsing.

Now we start our weekly meetings by opening our team project in the Prysm platform. Office 365, Hubspot, and Salesforce are preloaded in a workspace via co-browsers, so the sites load automatically. If I’m not logged in, the browser sessions aren't authenticated, so I don’t need to worry about others having access to my data or my permissions in Salesforce, for example. Content owners upload any other non-Sharepoint content we need to discuss ahead of time.

We are able to quickly jump from topic to topic, look at the web data, and make decisions as a team, even though we are in different locations.

This simple, powerful feature has made our meetings more focused and effective. Our weekly team meeting has ended at least 15 min ahead of schedule each week since we started using co-browsing. Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you got 15 minutes of every meeting handed back to you over the course of your workweek.

For more on co-browsing, visit the feature overview page. You can also get more information on how marketing teams can use Prysm.

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