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Prysm: Powered by Cloud, with Security in Mind

When I talk to customers, inevitably the words “cloud” and “security” are tightly linked. In a modern digital world where we see high-profile data leaks and hacks on a regular basis, IT organizations are taking more precautions to ensure sensitive corporate IP is kept secure.

At Prysm, we work hard to ensure that customers don’t have to compromise on user experience and global performance in exchange for security. This means everything from working directly with our cloud hosting provider, Microsoft, on our infrastructure and networking tiers, to our application development following best practices for enterprise-grade security.

Because we leverage the Microsoft Azure cloud, we have a layered security model that includes some of the best security certifications in the industry. Microsoft was the first major cloud provider to achieve ISO 27018, the new international cloud privacy standard. You can see more about Microsoft’s compliance and security on Azure on the company's website.

However, Azure’s security is only a piece of the overall security picture. On top of Azure, Prysm has built best-in-class security that follows OWASP guidelines for secure application development, encrypts data in transit using TLS/SSL, and military-grade AES-256 encryption for our customers’ sensitive file content at rest in the cloud.

This layered security approach allows us to focus on what we’re good at delivering a delightful user experience to customers across the globe for real-time collaboration while ensuring that both our application security and the underlying cloud infrastructure security are top-notch.

The power of the Prysm cloud allows your company to achieve global, low-latency collaboration over content that is highly elastic and scales to meet your users’ needs, all while keeping your sensitive data secure.

If you have questions about how we manage your data, keep your content secure in transit, or leverage Azure’s best-in-class security to block unauthorized access at the data center, let us know and we’d be happy to consult with you on how Prysm can meet your security requirements.


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