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Live From the Show Floor of InfoComm 2017

Welcome to Prysm’s second annual blog, live from the show floor of InfoComm 2017! This year, the show is being held from June 14-16 in sunny Orlando, FL. Check back here often, as we'll be adding frequent updates throughout the show. Please stop by and see us at booth #2575 and leave comments below the blog post. We look forward to connecting with you.

Friday, June 16, 4 pm 

We want to thank everyone for joining us this week at InfoComm 2017. It was a blast. If you'd like to see the photos we've collected this week, please check out our Flickr album

Also, if you're feeling nostalgic, here's a look back at our live blog from last year's InfoComm.

Don't forget to stay in touch. We'll see you next year!


Friday, June 16, 3 pm 

What an incredible week it has been! Not one uneventful day. In addition to the two awards we won (the SCN Installation Product Award for Most Innovative Collaboration Software and the AV Technology Best of Show Award)  and the Honorable Mention in rAVe Pubs' Top 10 Tour Stops, our booth hasn't stopped humming with activity. Partners and customers alike gave us tons of positive feedback. High-fives all around!

Check out the video below to see how the week unfolded — from the "calm before the storm" through the happy chaos that ensued.

Friday, June 16, 2 pm 

This just in! Prysm has won the AV Technology Best of Show Award! What amazing news. We are flattered and honored. Read more about the award here


Friday, June 16, 1 pm 

Just as the show floor was buzzing with happy noise this week, the digital world was busy talking, as well. Here are some highlights from Twitter:

Friday, June 16, 12 pm 

One of the breakout stars of Prysm's presence at InfoComm this year has been our new co-browsing feature. Co-browsing is noteworthy because it allows all Prysm meeting participants — no matter where they are located to view and interact with content in the same web browser. For example, imagine two doctors conferring on a patient's treatment. If the first physician opens an image of an x-ray on screen, she could annotate it to point out areas of concern. The second physician could then do the same, perhaps pointing out something different. Development teams could use JIRA and Confluence together in standups involving developers in several cities or countries. Prysm is the first digital workplace solution to offer this functionality and people are really excited about it (we are, too!).

Something else we've been highlighting in our booth this week is Prysm Go, a bundle that allows channel partners to implement a meeting-room "solution in a box" to their customers who might want some of Prysm's features — such as the digital whiteboard, device sharing, and video conferencing  — but who aren't yet ready to adopt the full digital workplace solution. Prysm Go can be deployed on customers' existing displays via an appliance, or as a package with a Prysm 85" display.

Watch a video about Prysm Go, below.


Friday, June 16, 11 am 

Just a reminder to join Prysm at Center Stage in 30 minutes (11:30 am) for our speaking session: “Six Realities Disrupting the Workplace.” You’ll learn about some important difficulties faced by today’s enterprise — such as distributed teams and the challenges of data visualization — and how collaboration technologies can make a positive impact on business outcomes.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, June 16, 10 am 

One of the exciting things that have been happening this week is that we’ve been seeing Prysm’s digital workplace software all around the show — not just in our booth.  That’s because Prysm software is now compatible with third-party displays, which enables customers to leverage their current technology investments, while still enhancing their team collaboration experiences.

Below are some booth photos from Prysm partners who have been showcasing our digital workplace platform this week:




Friday, June 16, 9 am 

Good morning, Orlando! Time to hit the show floor, as we kick off the final day at InfoComm 2017. We’ve had an amazing week, and it’s not over yet! We look forward to speaking to more partners and customers today. If you haven’t yet come by the Prysm booth (#2575), now’s the time.

We’re also excited about our speaking session at 11:30 am on Center Stage about six surprising realities disrupting today's workplace.

Just because it’s the last day of InfoComm, it doesn’t mean we have to lose touch! Follow us on Twitter (@PrysmInc) and LinkedIn, so you can stay plugged into the latest Prysm news!

Thursday, June 15, 4:45 pm 

Well, it's the end of another fun, busy day at InfoComm 2017. The Prysm booth had a constant stream of visitors from morning until evening (actually we've still got some folks milling around...people love our happy hours!). It's always gratifying to see that people really *get* what we're about — creating authentic connections between people. After all, real human connection is something that's easily lost in our highly mobile, global business environment.

Prysm brings teams together to work more effectively and helps them feel as though they're all in the same room together, even if they're 9,000 miles apart. It goes beyond technology. It's a cause we all rally around.

Below are a few great shots taken at the Prysm booth (#2575) yesterday and today. You can see all of the photos we've taken so far in our Flickr album.

If you haven't yet stopped by to see us, be sure to put it on your schedule for tomorrow. And definitely plan to attend our speaking session at 11:30 am on Center Stage: "Six Realities Disrupting the Workplace."

Have a great night!

Pat Finn, Prysm's VP of Global Channels and Alliances, gives partners a tour of the booth.

Director of Product Marketing, David Schweer, gives his 50th demo of the day (or maybe it just feels that way!) while maintaining his characteristic enthusiasm.

Booth visitors stand spellbound in front of one of Prysm's impressive displays. 

Thursday, June 15, 3:15 pm 

Who's ready to take a breather? Come on down to Prysm's booth (#2575) at 3:30 and have a glass of wine or an ice-cold beer with us...and don't forget to introduce yourself!

Thursday, June 15, 2:45 pm 

Director of Product Marketing David Schweer's talk today got some excellent feedback. 


We had some great booth visitors, too!

Thursday, June 15, 1:30 pm 

We mentioned earlier that we aren't giving our Director of Product Marketing, David Schweer, a single moment's rest during this year's InfoComm show! Below, he gives rAVe Pubs' Gary Kayye a tour of the Prysm booth. Have a look and then come on by to see our demos in person! 

Thursday, June 15, 1 pm 

What an honor to win the SCN Installation Product Award for Most Innovative Collaboration Software! It's so great to know that others understand the vision we have — to help people work together better in a digital age that often separates us geographically. Read more about the award.  


Thursday, June 15, 12 pm 

One of the most exciting things we’re sharing this week is an early preview of a new Prysm API that will give channel partners the opportunity to customize Prysm’s digital workplace platform for customers’ specific needs and environment. In the video below, Prysm’s VP of Research & Development, Brandon Fischer, demonstrates some impressive widgets and custom menu items he generated using the new API. You can also read the press release and check out Brandon’s blog post on the topic.   


Thursday, June 15, 11:30 am 

David Schweer, our Director of Product Marketing, has been doing a lot of presenting at InfoComm! So, he was probably glad that he finally got to sit down while he delivered his talk on how employee experience has become a competitive advantage in today's business climate. He received an enthusiastic "sitting ovation" from the session attendees!


Thursday, June 15, 11 am 

In advance of InfoComm, rAVe Pubs’ Gary Kayye interviewed our Director of Product Marketing, David Schweer, on his “Rants and rAVes” videocast. They discussed Prysm’s new co-browsing feature — what it is and why it’s so exciting. David shares a great example of how a doctor might use co-browsing to collaborate with a specialist on a difficult case. Prysm is the only digital workplace platform that has this functionality. Check out the video below and then head over to booth #2575 to see it in person. 


In other news, the InfoComm Show Daily VIP Edition gave Prysm a nice little write-up yesterday. Thanks, guys!

Thursday, June 15, 10 am 

Reminder: please join Prysm at Center Stage in one hour (11 am) to learn about how employee experience has become a critical competitive advantage in today’s business climate.

Something else not to forget — Prysm happy hour (happy hour and a half, actually) will be held from 3:30-5 this afternoon.  Have a glass of wine or a cold beer on us as you wind down from another busy day on the show floor!

Thursday, June 15, 9 am 

Good morning, Orlando! Have you had your coffee yet? It's gonna be a high-energy day!

If you haven't yet stopped by the Prysm booth (#2575), here's our Director of Product Marketing, David Schweer, with a message about why you should hightail it on over with no delay.


Wednesday, June 14, 5 pm 

What a busy day! As the first day of InfoComm 2017 draws to a close, we want to remind you to join Prysm during these speaking sessions at Center Stage tomorrow and Friday:

  • Thursday, June 15, 11 a.m.  Employee Experience: The New Competitive Advantage
  • Friday, June 16, 11:30 a.m.: Six Realities Disrupting the Workplace 

Lastly, check out our Flickr album for some more great photos from the day. 

Wednesday, June 14, 4:45 pm 

#HappyHour in full effect, y'all! Since your hands might be busy holding a cold libation, check out this podcast with David Schweer, our Director of Product Marketing, who discusses digital transformation with ConvergentAV's Corey Moss. If you missed today's happy hour, please join us tomorrow — same time, same booth. 

Wednesday, June 14, 3 pm

Are you ready for a HAPPY HOUR, InfoComm-ers? Prysm will have a glass of wine or a cold beer awaiting you at booth number #2575, from 3:30-5 today. Come on by!

Wednesday, June 14, 2:15 pm

Prysm is looking to double the number of channel partners we have with our new, expanded Prysm Engage Partner Program. Patrick Finn, our VP of Global Channels and Alliances, explains more in this interview with Channel Partners

Wednesday, June 14, 1:30 pm

Everyone is talking about Prysm, and we don't mind one bit! In this article, CRN interviews Patrick Finn, our VP of Global Channels and Alliances, who vows to take Prysm's Engage Partner Program to the next level. 

Wednesday, June 14, 1 pm

InfoComm has started off with a bang! The Prysm booth (#2575) is humming with activity, Check out the cool time-lapse photo, below. 


 Wednesday, June 14, 10 am

rAVe pubs have included Prysm in its 2017 roundup of the InfoComm "Top 10 Tour Stops," the 10 booths the publication thinks every show attendee should visit. To qualify as one of the top 10, the competing company must be launtop-10-0617.jpgching a new product in their show booth. Prysm was chosen out of 90 competitors. We think that's pretty rave-worthy. Read the article

Wednesday, June 14, 9 am

Good morning, Orlando! InfoComm 2017 is underway, and the joint is jumping!

Prysm has kicked off the show with several exciting new announcements:

  • We'll be giving an early preview of a new Prysm API that will give enterprises the opportunity to create and customize applications within Prysm's digital workplace platform. The API provides an industry-first integrated experience that offers Prysm customers personalized collaboration capabilities unlike any other on the market today. The new solution will enable enterprises and channel partners to benefit from a highly customizable digital workplace platform to ensure and promote higher user adoption and satisfaction. Read the press release and check out this blog post by Brandon Fischer, Prysm's VP of Research & Development. 
  • We're showing off some new features, including co-browsing, wherein people in disparate locations can interact with the same web pages in the same browser window at the same time. This is exciting news for development teams with individuals in different offices (or countries) who might use JIRA or Confluence for standups and bug-tracking sessions, as well as for people wishing to collaborate on web-based documents (for example, a PowerPoint presentation in Office 365). Prysm is the first and only digital workplace solution to offer this feature. Visitors to the Prysm booth (#2575) can also take a gander at our new, intuitive Welcome Screen, which offers one-touch access to a digital whiteboard, device sharing, and video conferencing — all without being logged in. We'll also showcase a number of improvements to Prysm's web interface. Read more in this press release
  • Recent additions to Prysm’s solutions suite have generated increasing partner commitment, most notably Prysm Go, the company’s new product offering that turns any meeting room, no matter how large or small, into a multi-purpose collaboration room. In less than a month since the solution was released, many partners, including Advanced, AVI-SPL, CCOMM, Diversified, SKC Communications, and Yorktel, have expanded their practices to include Prysm Go. These partners are marketing, selling, and providing end-to-end implementation and support services for Prysm Go worldwide. Read the press release and check out the video below to see Patrick Finn, Prysm's VP of Global Channels and Alliances, give an overview of Prysm Go,



Tuesday, June 13

Welcome to InfoComm 2017! 

InfoComm is the largest AV-industry event in the Western Hemisphere  — featuring nearly 1,000 exhibitors, thousands of products, and 40,000 attendees from 110+ countries. 

We'll be posting real-time highlights throughout the show and sharing the experience of Prysm employees and partners from our booth. We'll also be covering product and partner news and giving overviews of the demos being held in our booth (#2575).

We invite you to join us for a Prysm happy hour, from 3:30-5 pm on Wednesday and Thursday. Also, please mark your calendar to attend one of the thought leadership sessions that Prysm will be participating in at the Center Stage:

  • Thursday, June 15, 11 amEmployee Experience: The New Competitive Advantage
  • Friday, June 16, 11:30 am: Six Realities Disrupting the Workplace 

Our booth is all set up and we are ready for a great show! Please bookmark this page and check it often over the next three days.

We hope to see you!


 The Prysm booth (#2575).

prysm-booth-displays.jpgAnother view from the booth.

Prysm's Gold Partners.

Prysm's Platinum Partners.

Taxis are already lining up outside to drop off event staff. 

infocomm-booth-1.pngThe Prysm philosophy.


Can't find booth #2575? Just look for the Prysm logo!

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