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From "Wow" to Work Worthy

Ten months ago, when I was interviewing for my job at Prysm, my future (now current) boss showed me the Prysm digital workplace platform. I remember her sketching on the digital whiteboard, calling up functions with a single touch from the hexagonal background, and using gestures to zoom in and out and move content around (like an iPad) on the massive 4K screen. It was impressive, to say the least. However (dirty little secret alert), I wasn't quite sure how useful it might be in day-to-day operations — outside of screen sharing in meetings with remote participants, which was something I could already do with Skype or Google Hangouts.

But then things started to change.

First, we released an overhaul to the product's web interface, which lets people access the platform and use most of its functions from desktops, laptop, phones, and tablets. Then we integrated Guest Mode, which allowed us to invite people outside of the company to join us for meetings and see and interact with everything that was on the screen. And then, during last week's Info Comm show in Orlando, Prysm truly went from futuristic and cool to an indispensable part of our day-to-day work lives. 

Here's how:

  • Third-party compatibility means that now you can add Prysm functionality to any large display in your company, without having to upgrade your hardware.
  • Co-browsing allows multiple people to interact with the same web browser during a meeting or working session (with the presenter's permission). This makes it practical to work on presentations or use web-based applications (like Microsoft Word or Excel Online) together in meetings. This is particularly useful in situations like Agile development, where a distributed team might need to take turns sharing the status of their tickets during daily standup or bug-tracking meetings.
  • The new Quick Start menu, with three simple options, allows you to get your meeting started with single-touch access to the digital whiteboard, device sharing, and the login to your Prysm projects. In a few months, it will also feature a "call with Skype" option. 
  • A new Prysm API will allow Prysm partners to personalize the software to meet the needs of their customers' unique environments. 

It's not just those of us at Prysm who are excited about these improvements. As we demonstrated the new functionality to booth visitors at InfoComm, we were greeted by an overwhelmingly enthusiastic reception, underlining the fact that Prysm has gone from being a novel technology to being a platform that could become a ubiquitous component of today's enterprise infrastructure. Even stronger proof points: Prysm won the AV Technology "Best of Show" Award and the SCN Installation Product Award for "Most Innovative Collaboration Software"!

If you haven't yet experienced Prysm, schedule a demo today.


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