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Infographic: The State of Today's Distributed Workforce

Posted by Paige O'Neill

The infographic to the right illustrates Forrester Consulting's findings in a study1 of the state of today's distributed workforce, which was commissioned by Prysm in early 2016. 

Notable is the fact that the majority of information workers work outside the office at least one day a week, and that 38% never work in the office at all. 

The surprising news is that despite the fact that remote work has become a mainstream phenomenon, only a quarter of the information workers interviewed reported that they felt that their employers provided adequate tools for collaboration — leaving them frustrated and disengaged. 

Worse, these workers felt that the inadequate toolset was impacting productivity, team morale, and efficiency. 

The good news for forward-thinking employers: Over half of the information workers surveyed said that real-time collaboration solutions — such as Prysm's, which combines applications, content, video conferencing, and the web — could positively impact morale and efficiency, and even help attract and retain top-notch talent. Read the full report.

1Digital, Disparate and Disengaged: Bridging the Gap Between In-Office and Remote Workers," a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Prysm, June 2016.


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