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Accelerate Your Marketing Initiatives Through Prysm

Marketing as a function has experienced a major transformation. With the mainstreaming of the internet and social media, the pervasiveness of technology, and the world becoming a more combined place, marketing is no longer confined to conventional methods. Marketing has grown multi-dimensional. For each of the kinds of marketing, there is a business side, an analytics side, a creative side, an experiential side, and many more. Moreover, the intent could vary, for instance, some marketing operations are done solely to create leads while some could be done to build the brand name and ensure brand recall. Gone are the times when marketing choices were influenced by intuition and experience. Important marketing decisions are now determined by big data. Conversions cost per click (CPC), traffic sources—with so many potential variables to interpret, it's vital to identify the data that is most relevant to your company. Data-driven marketing choices can boost spending, ROI and provide better, faster results, and present a mathematical basis for marketing campaign effectiveness.

What is Prysm?

Prysm ( ) is a leading supplier of large-format, interactive Laser Phosphor Displays (LPD), known as the LPD 6K Series, and Prysm Application Suite, a cloud-based, visual collaboration solution. Prysm solutions allow individuals and teams to see and communicate with all their data, content, and applications on a Large Screen display. By providing these always-on digital canvases, Prysm engages viewers, ignites innovative thinking, drives decisions, and modifies content into experiences.

When you invite associates, customers, or prospects into your conference room, do you struggle to keep them engaged?

If you find that you're facing the same kind of hurdles—and as a consequence, experiencing lack of engagement, poor conversion rates, etc. updating your briefing room into a high-value client experience center could prove to be one of the best moves you'll make, ever. At Prysm, we've witnessed time and time again how high-value collaboration centers can deliver ROI for the entire C-suite.

For starters, when your sales team grabs more deals and shortens the sales cycle, the marketing department also wins. Video walls can also be notably effective for marketing functions like customer journey mapping. Research showed that updating to immersive presentation tools significantly improved content retention and the overall brand experience. The study discovered that those who engaged in an immersive experience could remember almost 80% of the significant information presented 90 days later; less than 5% of those who served a traditional PowerPoint presentation could do the same.

One of our clients, Under Armour, accelerated its marketing initiatives through the Prysm video Wall. "We often refer to the location of our Prysm wall as the heartbeat of the brand, and we do that because it sits right in the heart of our marketing floor. It's a fabulous place to host athletes or our brand ambassadors but also to hold internal meetings and analyze big data." Kevin McDermond, Program Director, Under Armour.

Yesterday's briefing room technologies are mostly ineffective at meeting their most fundamental requirements: engagement and collaboration. But CIOs can now choose to implement new technologies that make it easier than ever for people to engage with presentations, projects, documents, discussions, and opinions, whether in live conferences, in virtual conferences, or asynchronously, offline. Also, uniting a workforce with flexible, agnostic digital tools maximizes effectiveness and productivity, while enhancing versatility—all of which can mean fewer headaches for IT.

Wipro is a well-known name and for its CEC, Wipro selected a Prysm Visual Workplace solution to showcase its diverse solutions to clients and provide a platform for collaborative content development.

"Prysm designed a space that truly showcases the great benefits that Wipro solutions and services can deliver to our customers, We've moved from passive presentations to driving engagement and collaboration with clients through the capabilities of Prysm video wall," said Ayan Mukerji, chief executive, Global Media, and Telecom & Product Engineering Services at Wipro.

Traditional conference rooms aren't built to meet the demands of today's workforce. Prysm helps by turning your briefing space into a high-value collaboration center, your company will be capable to work more efficiently, communicate ideas more effectively, and encourage revenue by winning more deals.

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