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Prysm’s Value Proposition to the Information Technology Industry

Posted by John Serpa

At Prysm (, we believe the most difficult thing about work should be the work itself. Not the technology you use for conferences, not even the logistics of collaborating with your extended teams, whether you are trying to work from home or on travel. That's why our goal has been to eliminate the conflict points that stand between you and getting important stuff done. We're passionate about producing products and solutions that help people work smarter — both collectively and alone, from office and home, on any display or device.

How Prysm began its journey:

●In 2005, Amit Jain and Roger Hajjar set out to reinvent display technology. They titled their fledgling company Spudnik, later renaming it as Prysm.

●Prysm perfected and licensed a unique Laser Phosphor Display(LPD) that freed companies from restrictions on the image size and volume of content they could use to express visually.

●As customers fell in love with Prysm's LPDs, Amit and Roger chose to go one step further and design interactive displays that could transform the way people worked together.

●When they encountered Anacore, a firm whose technology let users communicate concurrently with various sources and content — such as laptops, video conferencing, digital whiteboards, and 3D renderings — the founders saw an excellent opportunity.

●In 2014, Prysm and Anacore united forces to develop the ultimate digital workplace platform. Since then, the product has evolved, Prysm has become global but the vision has never changed.

●Prysm helps organizations drive decisions, accelerate innovation, and optimize their global workforces. It makes meetings easier, helps distributed teams work together, and unleashes creativity with a highly visual interface.

Today Prysm is the leading Manufacturer of Large format, immersive, and interactive LPD 6K display that provides a seamless viewing experience to our users. The solution is spread across a range of strategic domains such as Board Rooms, Command Centers, NOC, SOC, Executive Briefing Centers, etc. Reinvention and Prysm go hand-in-hand as far as technology and process improvement are concerned.

Now, almost after a decade in the business of giving the best boardroom and executive briefing room solutions to the Information Technology industry, backed with unmatched technical expertise and insights, Prysm has managed the highest levels of compliance and quality that go with the changing times and technologies. Our knowledge investments are backed by years of R&D and have led to the creation of labs and 'Centers of Excellence that have delivered innovative business solutions. Prysm's entire range of visual workplace solutions addresses the requirement of the Information technology industry to create the wireless presentation workplace of the future. Prysm workplace solution provides the following characteristics to the leading Information technology industry players -:

Dynamic Meeting Environment Work collectively in person or online via cloud-based visual workspaces. View and interact with multiple pieces of content on-screen simultaneously, to help convert ideas into business outcomes.

Advanced Collaboration Features Prysm provides you with easy access to the tools you require for effective meetings. Digital whiteboards, onscreen explanation, co-browsing, and device sharing help you maximize every and move projects forward.

Anywhere, Any-Device Access Users can connect or lead conferences from any workstation, tablet, or smartphone using our iPhone, web, or Windows desktop app. Members from up to 15 locations can concurrently communicate with the content; no one needs to "pass the ball" to see the team's ideas.

Always-On Workspaces Workspaces are saved and stored in the cloud, so they're constantly synced and accessible, and so you can always pick up right where you left off.

Enterprise-Grade Prysm works within your current enterprise workflows and combines with identity providers and leading tools, such as Box, Microsoft Office 365, OneDrive, Skype for Business, and influential VC solutions.

Better Meeting Management Add content and ideas to a project before a meeting begins so your team can maximize every minute. Capture choices and discussion points, and revisit the meeting workspace at any time, from any device.

Secure and Supported All content is secured with enterprise-level encryption and backed up on various, redundant servers. Our world-class support experts are available 24/7.

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