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Workplace Re-Imagined: Merging the Experience for In-Office & Remote Employees

Posted by Paige O'Neill

There is no doubt about it—the workplace is changing. The traditional office environment, which was once made up of siloed cubicles and conference rooms, seems to be dissolving, taking with it the notion that work must be done in person at the office.

Technology has provided opportunities to integrate onsite and remote employees, regardless of where they are or in what timezones they reside. (Read Gartner's report on building a digital workplace.) Some companies have taken advantage of this phenomenon by reducing expenditures for physical office space. Others are reworking existing spaces to make them more conducive to distributed teams.

As our workforce spreads out geographically, it's imperative to find new collaboration solutions. Merging physical and digital workspaces necessitates a new look at how employees engage with one another and how they spend their workdays. Cube farms isolate employees and aren't well-suited to teamwork or collaboration with remote colleagues. To survive and thrive, employers must optimize their offices to accommodate this next-generation paradigm. 

Forward-thinking companies have begun to leverage digital solutions that foster real-time employee connection, resource sharing, idea exchange, and more...from anywhere, at any time. It's the future of collaborative work.

What is your company doing to create an engaging work experience?

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