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Video: The Perfect Solution for Agile Teams

Posted by Brianna Politzer

Agile software development is an iterative approach that requires continuous team collaboration and a tight feedback loop. A 2015 survey of 601 software developers and IT professionals* revealed that the Agile methodology had achieved widespread adoption and had become the "new norm." 

Agile teams hold frequent meetings to plan, review and monitor status as they progress through a work cycle. These meetings are characterized by intensive collaboration, often requiring whiteboarding, charting, assigning tasks, reviewing deliverables, and noting action items. Until now, it's been difficult to bring so much content and functionality together onto one screen, as well as a challenge to track project progress. 

Prysm Visual Workplace is the perfect solution for collaborating on complicated engineering projects. It is an expansive digital canvas that can be used to take notes, view project charts, review code and facilitate face-to-face interaction amongst team members — whether they are in the same room or on the other side of the globe. It also provides a cloud-based repository for project-related content, so team members aren't forced to email content back and forth or worry about version control. Multiple team members can use the same digital whiteboard simultaneously in real-time, simulating the experience of being in the same room. When they're done, they can snapshot the whiteboard and send it to the team for reference.

Watch the video below to see how Prysm Visual Workplace could benefit your Agile development team.

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