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Prysm Systems Appoints Tom Bigliani as Regional Sales Director

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Prysm Systems hires Tom Bigliani, as regional sales director for North America, to broaden business relationships, strengthen client relationships and expand sales operations 

Milpitas, Calif. (October 3, 2023) — Prysm Systems Inc., a leading provider of large-format laser phosphor displays that create unrivaled immersion and engagement, has appointed Tom Bigliani as Regional Sales Director for the North American market. In this role, Bigliani will broaden business relationships, support business development with new and existing customers and expand Prysm Systems’ sales operations.  

Tom BiglianiBigliani brings a wealth of success in strategic planning, client relationship management, sales amplification, account acquisition and team development. Bigliani has worked with highly qualified, cross-functional teams throughout his career. He has experience interfacing with senior management, individual stakeholders and partners to foster communication and connection between all parties involved in a project initiative. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Bigliani has worked with many industry-leading organizations, including AVI-SPL, Video Corporation of America, Kinly and British Telecommunications (BT), and understands the unique challenges and priorities for system integrators, designers, consultants and end users. Bigliani holds a Bachelor’s in Sports Management/Business Management from Springfield College (MA). 

“We are thrilled to welcome Tom to our growing team,” said Amit Jain, president and chief executive officer for Prysm Systems. “Tom is highly regarded and brings excellent business development experience. He has held various key sales, leadership and strategic direction positions with well-respected solutions providers in the audiovisual industry. As a result, Tom will play an integral role in accelerating sales operations by anticipating and solving complex problems and providing continual visibility on progress.” 

Bigliani states, “I’m incredibly energized to join Prysm Systems and continue to serve the always-evolving industry. Prysm Systems’ high-quality, dynamic visual displays and collaboration platform fuels a new approach to high-impact communication and presentation. Their innovative solutions enable business professionals and creatives to work together to solve problems and communicate critical ideas by empowering collaboration and elevating presentations. I’m excited to further align Prysm Systems’ sales strategy to reflect our partner network and customers’ functional usage case and ESG requirements as we navigate this unique migration to a hybrid work environment.” 

Prysm Systems continues to transform the large-format display industry by creating a high-quality solution with low power consumption and scalability. As displays become larger, Prysm Systems has streamlined large-format video displays while providing a high-quality, impact-resistant surface. Prysm Systems allows presenters to step away from standard flat meetings and singular presentations by gathering various content platforms and applications into one display. Users can simultaneously share presentations, connect with outside team members through video conferencing, watch a video or share other content. It creates a custom-designed experience that enables individuals to experience the complete picture as they dig into complex issues.  

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About Prysm Systems Inc. 

Prysm Systems Inc. is committed to developing and promoting large-format display solutions using its proprietary Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology. Prysm Systems has been delivering highly immersive and engaging customer experiences to some of the world’s leading organizations for over 10 years. Prysm Systems’ solutions combine industry-leading display technology and software that work together seamlessly to level up the traditional uninspiring presentation experience in the room. With a shared visualization canvas that promotes interactivity, the in-room experience effortlessly extends to engage remote participants.  

As businesses continue to adapt and envision the best practices for moving the workplace forward, a complete solution that addresses both in-person and remote engagement is essential. Prysm Systems Inc. continues to lead the industry in hybrid-engagement solutions. Prysm Systems invented LPD technology in 2005, and it has been commercially available and globally deployed for over a decade. In addition to its global headquarters in California’s Silicon Valley, Prysm Systems has a worldwide presence. Learn more at 

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