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Varadha Raju

Raju brings over 29 years of professional experience in executive management, product engineering and quality, global product services and support, manufacturing and business development and sales. He has a deep understanding of hardware and software systems and successfully built small products to large complex systems from concepts. In Prysm, he started India operations, built the core R&D team to realise the image processing electronics for LPD technology from conceptual stage. Besides taken them to manufacturing in India. He successfully initiated business development and sales in India and built product service and support functions for the region. Raju has worked in various industry verticals including Enterprise applications & Cloud solutions, consumer electronics, telecom and Datacom and Process control automation. He built large software delivery teams in these verticals to address global clients. He played key role in getting ISO9000, CMM Level5 qualifications for Philips and Hughes Software Services. He initiated sales for Symphony Services in Japan and added Japan territory as new territory to its otherwise US – Europe clienteles. Raju holds Bachelor’s degree of Engineering in Electronics and Communication discipline from National Institute of Technology, Trichirappalli, India.

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In “The Culture Map,” Erin Meyer beautifully describes how cultural differences and assumptions can create misunderstandings amongst colleagues in international business environments. As a case in point, she talked about how Westerners often assume Asians — who tend to participate and opine less than Americans do in meetings have less to say. In contrast, Asians often feel that Americans are bad listeners because they tend to talk over one another in their haste to share their perspectives. While neither of these assumptions is 100% accurate, they can lead to discord.