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How Collaboration Technologies Are Improving Process, Workflow and Business Performance

Contributed by Jay Cawog

Companies need their critical workforces to perform smarter, faster, and more productively. Achieving that goal requires embedding collaborative technologies deep into processes and incentivizing collaborative behaviors — ultimately transforming the workflow to turn knowledge into action. Collaboration platforms should do more than help employees talk about their work; they should create new ways for employees to do their work.

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What we can learn from the "collaboration generation"

Post contributed by Matt Proctor

I have been doing a lot of thinking about collaboration technology and work styles and how their evolution has been influenced by the multiple generations in today's workforce. While technology is always influenced by culture, it’s extra pronounced with collaboration technology, because it closely mirrors the way we have learned to communicate.

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Leveraging the Psychology of Change to Accelerate Technology Adoption

Post contributed by Glenn Wastyn

“Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get."
—George Bernard Shaw

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5 Trends CIOs Need to Know to Facilitate Collaboration

As a CIO, you're acutely aware of how important it is to stay abreast of the technology trends that influence your company's success. The five in the infographic below can have a particularly large impact on employees' productivity and ability to effectively collaborate. Ready to learn more? Download the infographic and complimentary ebook.

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How the Tools You Use Impact Your Success

Contributed by Dana Corey

Technological advances increase productivity and create a competitive advantage. But what if technology was forcing you to work in ways that made you less effective? Worse still, what if technology was causing your company to lose in the marketplace?

When it comes to the process of how we make decisions, hold meetings, and design products, that might be exactly what is happening: limitations in technology force us to coax decision making (inherently a circuitous process) into an artificially linear one, and the fallout could be expensive.

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The Rise of the Customer Experience Center

Contributed by Dana Corey

"You've got to start with the customer experience and work back to the technology — not the other way around." –Steve Jobs

Leading enterprises have long understood that one of the most powerful ways to attract and engage prospects (especially executive decision-makers) is to provide them with a visually impressive, immersive demonstration of their products or services in an executive briefing center (EBC) video wall. These centers can be used to give your customers a first-hand experience of both current and future offerings in an environment that allows your company to really "wow" your customers.