About Amit Jain

Amit Jain

Amit brings over 20 years of executive management, technological and entrepreneurial experience to the Prysm team. With a proven track record of growing successful technology-related businesses, and a career that spans the data-storage, high-end optical telecommunication, and low-cost datacom devices industries, Amit is well versed in the integration of technologies and manufacturing processes.

Before founding Prysm, Amit was CEO of Bigbear Network and the co-founder and CEO of Versatile Optical Networks, which was acquired by Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. At Vitesse, Amit led the Optical Systems Division as Vice President and General Manager until the division was acquired by Avanex Corporation.

Prior to Versatile, Amit held several management positions in startups and established large companies including Terastor, Optex Communications, and Digital Equipment Corporation.

Amit holds a BS in Physics, a BSEE, MSEE & MBA degrees.

Recent Posts

Posted by Amit Jain, CEO

Why I've Abandoned My Inbox

I have 58,000 unread emails in my inbox. Yes, you read that correctly — five-eight-zero-zero-zero.

Yes, like all CEOs, I am a busy person. But that’s not the whole story. The main reason my inbox is overflowing is that, for most work-related projects and wireless meetings, I believe that email has outlived its usefulness. And here at Prysm, we have created a superior solution.

Posted by Amit Jain, CEO

Board Meetings Reimagined: The Prysm Experience

The hallmark of truly disruptive technology is that it changes our day-to-day workflow. At Prysm, I see this happening all the time. A case in point is how we use Prysm visual collaboration software to help us prepare for, conduct, and follow up after board meetings.