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The New Meeting: It's a Verb, Not a Noun

Posted by Brianna Politzer

Research* shows that today's employees can spend up to 80% of their workdays collaborating. As a result, meetings — our primary method of working together  — have become mere waypoints in an ongoing collaborative process. This is a major shift from the way we used to think about meetings, which we regarded as events with a beginning and an end.

Despite this change, our meeting technologies haven't really caught up. For example:

  • While most companies now use some form of video conferencing, such as Skype for Business, Zoom, WebEx, and so on, there's no easy way to preserve the outcome of those meetings (except for taking notes) or to easily pick up where your team left off in a subsequent session. 
  • Meeting participants have to choose between seeing their colleagues' faces, viewing their desktops, or seeing on-screen documents. Even worse, they can't share multiple types of content on screen at once. These handicaps can stifle creativity and project momentum.
  • Participants on mobile devices sacrifice much of the visual experience and capabilities that desktop users and in-office employees enjoy. 

Prysm is dedicated to the new meeting — collaborative working sessions that are visually immersive, bring together almost any type of content on the screen, and offer novel features not found in any other solution (read more about co-browsing, for example).

Consider the following:

  • Not only does Prysm integrate popular video-conferencing platforms (Cisco, Polycom, Skype for Business, and more), it provides great ways to enhance momentum by providing convenient ways to preserve meeting output, including saving content (even the screen position of content) in a workspace, so you can easily pick up where you left off in the next meeting.
  • Prysm lets you unify content from almost any source and display it all onscreen at the same time — enhancing brainstorms, providing a better context for information, and enabling better data visualization.
  • You can use Prysm to participate in meetings, view content, use a digital whiteboard, and annotate documents from anywhere on any device. Now you can stay productive and be a more effective team member, even when you're at home or on the road.
  • Prysm integrates a robust set of meeting tools, including the digital whiteboard mentioned above, sticky notes, unlimited workspaces, co-browsing, custom backgrounds, snap grids, wireless screen sharing, live-source streaming, annotation, and more, 

Prysm's digital workplace platform makes meetings part of the natural, dynamic flow that characterizes today's collaborative work environments. As a result,  you can extract more value from your global teams, enable digital transformation, and turbo-charge company agility.

Ready to find out more? Check out the links below:

* Harvard Business Review, "Collaborative Overload"

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