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Prysm LPD 6K Series 225" World's Largest Interactive Display

Posted by Prysm Marketing

Interactive large format display tools for Visual Collaboration have been the buzzword of late. So, how about one that is 20 ft wide and 5 ft high? One that offers a panoramic image uninterrupted by seams or bezels? One that can bring people together across multiple locations through a unique combination of hardware and software that makes a working group believe that they are all sitting together in one room, even as they may be separated by thousands of kilometers? 

The solution has been put together by Prysm Inc., a leading display and visual collaboration solutions provider which has just unveiled the World’s largest seamless interactive display – the Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K 225”. 

For one, LPD 6K Series is a unique technology that delivers top-notch experiences across vastly different use cases. It has a flexible, impact-resistant top surface that offers smooth touch interaction and can be viewed at any distance, up close or far away, and at any angle without eye fatigue. The latest LPD is an extremely energy-efficient interactive touch display, using energy lesser than a hairdryer. The displays are shatter-resistant, flexible, and offer rollability for transport. 

Consider this. Three members of a working group in your team are at your main office. The project or assignment that they are working on has three experts who are located at least 500 miles away in different locations. Plus, there are members of your execution team who are either at your branch offices or are working from home. And the project is critical, important decisions have to be taken, can’t wait. 



A couple of months back, the solution would have been to try and get all people in one room quickly and take a call. No longer. They can all get together, share videos, diagrams, graphs, charts, data, and plans of action and all of these can together, simultaneously, be available on a 225’ screen that everyone can access and see.

And all of this without compromising on security and imperiling secrecy. Today, we have a digital workplace platform that brings people, content, and ideas together to create a smart and efficient collaboration environment. The platform displays streaming video, web applications, documents, presentations, and images as well as input from laptops and mobile devices with a simple tap. 100% possible, again and again, with a large-format display comes bundled with the Prysm Application Suite, that is, the digital workplace platform mentioned above.

Governments and Large Corporations can run Command & Control Centers, Research Groups, Crisis Centers in the face of a disaster, and much more. The Prysm solution for business process dashboard monitoring helps visualize key performance indicators using dashboards is an established way of enabling the analysis of business processes and providing quick information in critical situations. 

Prysm LPD 6K Series single panel rollable screen display solution, powered by the Prysm content management tools and collaboration tools enhances visual analysis, knowledge generation, and expedites the decision-making processes for business areas' managers and executives.

Thus, if you want to Visualize business process dashboards from anywhere, any device, any time, allow your business areas' managers and executives access to business process indicators of their organizations and enable them to obtain and analyze information in real-time during critical situations. 

Prysm solution enables immediate access to business process dashboards from anywhere, any device, and any time with consistent visual experience irrespective of the device size and platform (Android, Windows, iOS). Multiple stakeholders can simultaneously log into the Prysm application and review dashboards from their respective devices and location. All stakeholders can enter review comments using on-screen annotation OR multicolor sticky notes.

There has never been a better time for such a technology to be used and leveraged by organizations across the spectrum, be it Governments, Research Companies, Marketing or Supply Chain companies, and so on. Even the armed forces, should they need to.

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