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Our Pledge to Our Partners

Posted by Tom Bigliani


At Prysm, we believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of strong partnerships. They play a critical role in bringing our products to life and ensuring their success in diverse environments. Today, we want to reaffirm our commitment to all of our partners and share our pledge to support them every step of the way.  

We Only Sell Via Partners 

For us, it’s all about a two-way street. We will support you by driving demand direct with end users, but we only sell via our certified partners.  

We Keep It Simple  

We’re not here to complicate things, through our technology or our approach to the market. We are continually streamlining our product portfolio and SKUs to make our offerings simple to explain and quote 

Competitive Advantage 

Our large-format displays are powered by our proprietary LPD (Laser Phosphor Display) technology and offer many distinct advantages that include the following: 

  • Single-panel rollable screen, which makes, access and installation far easier than other large-format displays 
  • Stunning 6K image quality, with high contrast ratio and lifetime uniformity 
  • Touch-enabled and integrates with collaborative visualization software 
  • Low heat dissipation, which means no additional HVAC infrastructure required 

We Get the Bigger Picture 

We understand the nitty gritty challenges of the customer transaction, from payment terms to delivery demands and installation within a particular room ecosystem. We aim to simplify that as much as possible to streamline your sales and installation process and improve in future customer engagement.  

We Operate as Part of An Ecosystem 

We know that the Prysm offering is component of an overall integrated sale and are happy to work with you to help scope third party components. We’ll support you with any integrations that need to be done to ensure the best solution for your client.  

We Will Help You Upskill  

We provide an in-depth ongoing training program for both partner sellers, sales engineers and technical field staff, helping to advance your team’s knowledge as technology progresses.  

LPD Sales Lead to Incremental Revenue Streams  

We actively encourage our partners to build both Day 1 (deployment) and Day 2 (break/fix and managed services) services to support the lifecycle of our products. Our in-house support team can help you develop these programs and support implementation.  

We Will Keep Innovating! 

Prysm continues to strive to disrupt the large-format display space. We have an exciting future product roadmap that we are looking forward to sharing with you soon. This has been partly informed by our partner ecosystem and the product and performance data that we receive. 

Let’s Help Each Other 

Our partner program is built to reward those who actively collaborate with us to create mutually beneficial results. From engaging co-marketing campaigns, to sales assistance, support, training and attractive margins and incentives, we're here to be true collaborators with you. We want to create a win-win-win ... for you, us and your customers. 

In the end, our goal is to make Prysm easy to do business with, so if you have any suggestions of what would make our relationship better for you, we’d love to hear them. 

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