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Increasing efficiency by enabling digital supply-chain collaboration

Posted by Suchitra Bose

Digital technologies are redefining the supply chain and providing greater cross-region visibility across teams. This visibility is easiest to achieve when people effectively collaborate across various functions of the supply chain. 

Major companies have spent a lot of time transforming their supply chains by implementing new systems, intelligence dashboards, and control towers. As a result, over the years, they have gained efficiency around their internal supply chains, which leads to faster decision-making. However, these decisions are largely still motivated by lagging indicators.

Business leaders have come to realize that the supply chain is the backbone of their businesses and that operational efficiency directly impacts the bottom line. To achieve better efficiency, they must leverage information from geopolitical events, gain information from internal systems and collaborate with their extended supply chains — including logistics partners, raw-material vendors, and contract-manufacturing plants.

The challenge is that existing enterprise tools make it difficult to combine and visualize the information from all of these data sources simultaneously, in real-time, to effectively influence supply-chain operations. Prysm’s digital workplace platform adds value to the supply chain and provides visibility across internal supply-chain applications, geopolitical events, customer-service response, and data from external suppliers and vendors. The result is faster decision-making, better huddle rooms collaboration, and increased speed to market for the right products.

For companies focused on improving supply-chain efficiency, Prysm Visual Workplace provides robust collaboration capabilities to enable the visualization of various levels of information —  a strong value proposition for the entire supply-chain organization.

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