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Digital Transformation: Your Key to Market Success

Posted by Brianna Politzer

Outperforming your competition in a rapidly changing business climate requires a trifecta of humility, adaptability, and agility.

Humility helps you realize that perfection is a moving target and that success requires continuous evaluation and adjustment. (Or, in the immortal words of the band Kansas, "If I claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know.") This honest assessment clears the path for the next two key performance indicators.

Adaptability and agility are considerably more difficult to achieve than mere humility. The former requires taking bold action — effecting procedures that facilitate significant change in your organization. Next, in the interest of gaining the first-mover advantage, time is of the essence. That's the formula for agility, and it's arguably the most important of the three. 

So, how can you foster adaptability and agility? Enter digital transformation. 

Digital transformation involves adopting new ways of handling old problems. For example, many leading companies are moving customer service to social media. This allows them to provide an almost instant response to customer queries and technical problems. (The other day, I pinged Verizon on Twitter for tech support, and got a response within 30 seconds!) It not only enhances customer satisfaction — it puts a human face on a large, previously impersonal organization. This increases customer engagement and loyalty. It's also unprecedented. Neither phone nor email customer service has ever come close.

The following are some other ways that market leaders have digitized their businesses, driving agility and business outcomes:

1) Self-service shopping portals  

2) Online bill pay

3) Mobile banking apps

4) Web-based travel booking

5) Supply-chain digitization

Digitization — when executed thoughtfully — can help companies leverage a global workforce, expand their talent pools, and maximize ROI. That's where Prysm's digital workplace display platform comes into play. It was specifically designed to address some of the hurdles that might otherwise detract from the value of their digital transformation initiatives. 

A great example is how companies hold meetings with remote participants. Although video conferencing, instant messaging, and screen sharing have conferred amazing advancements, they still have shortcomings. We have to choose between viewing a file someone is sharing and seeing their face. We may also lose some of the true human connection that we have when we are in the same room together. Dropped connections are far too common. Passing control from presenter to presenter can be a nightmare. We can't juxtapose multiple pieces of content onscreen at once. 

Prysm's large, high-resolution touchscreen displays, powered by Prysm Application Suite, connect multiple conference rooms. The experience is extended via the web to personal computers, phones, and tablets. You can share multiple pieces of content onscreen at once, even while viewing the faces of remote participants. No matter where meeting attendees are in physical space, they can draw on the digital whiteboard simultaneously, without passing control. Our co-browsing feature allows meeting participants — no matter where they are located or what devices they are using  to use the same web browser at once. The net effect is that it's as close as it gets to being in the same room together. 

This is an example of the power of digital transformation. 

We'd love to tell you more about how Prysm can foster digital transformation in your organization. Call us anytime (at 408.586.1178 or 1.877.99.PRYSM) or fill out a form to make contact or schedule a demo. We look forward to connecting!

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