IVA uses Prysm video wall as centerpiece of Wallenberg Auditorium

A 14ft wide by 6.5ft high Prysm video wall serves as the centerpiece of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences' (IVA) state-of-the-art Wallenberg Auditorium, hailed as the most cutting-edge in Scandinavia.

Prysm’s LPD video wall fits perfectly...

The Prysm video wall delivers a powerful communication experience for the auditorium's 150-person audience serving key constituents including business, research, government and international partners.

Renowned integrator, Informationsteknik Stockholm, selected Prysm's Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) solution for its unmatched image quality and outstanding eco-friendliness.

"We were briefed by our client that the AV technology brought in must be an innovator within its field to fit the ethos of the IVA and the superbly redesigned Wallenberg Auditorium," said Patrik Camp, managing director of Informationsteknik Stockholm. "Prysm's LPD video wall fits perfectly as its low power consumption, impressive uniformity and ultra-wide viewing angles were key value points for the large auditorium. We are proud to showcase this technology in the Wallenberg Auditorium and have been very pleased with the support and engineering backup Prysm provides." Read the full press release and more customer stories.