GE Customer Experience Center

GE uses Prysm video wall to create customer experience center

A 180° curved, interactive Prysm video wall serves as the centerpiece of GE’s Grid IQ™ Innovation Center in Markham, Ontario. Built on Prysm's Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) technology, the video wall delivers stunning life-size images at the lowest possible cost of ownership and environmental impact which underscores GE’s commitment to both technological excellence and energy savings.

Prysm’s LPD technology gives designers the freedom to create video content in any shape, size or format. GE’s video display consists of hundreds of integrated tiles providing a seamless, rounded interactive experience measuring 60 ft wide by 7 ft tall.The Customer Experience Center uses Prysm’s immersive user experience to connect with its key constituents, drive product awareness and educate customers. The content and imagery showcase GE’s full suite of energy-management products through an unforgettable digital experience.

“Working closely with Prysm, the Customer Experience Center came together flawlessly,” said David Weatherhead, VP of APG Displays. ”Prysm’s latest solution offers free-form flexibility and life-like imagery that will engage audiences in this unique, educational setting. Built on solid-state lasers, the displays deliver crisp, clear video viewable from 178° and are built to last. Read the full press release.