Apttus Wows its Audiences with a Prysm-powered Executive Briefing Center

Despite a Forrester Research prediction that worldwide B2B ecommerce revenues will exceed $1.1 Trillion by 2020, the single biggest barrier to success is still the age-old challenge of efficiently converting sales prospects into closed business.

California-based Apttus Corporation has created a category-defining Quote-to-Cash software solution that has captured the attention of some of the biggest and most well-known companies in the world. Fueled by the Apttus Intelligent Cloud, the company optimizes the vital business processes that exist between a potential buyer’s interest and the realization of revenue. The intuitive, easy-to-use suite of solutions streamlines and improves business processes, while aligning and instilling revenue winning behaviors across an organization.

Showcasing Innovation

Nick McCoy, vice president of sales engineering, proudly stated, “We’re at the forefront of innovation; hiring creative and passionate individuals that love what they do. We are extremely client-focused, and leverage cutting-edge tools to help in communicating our company vision and roadmap.”

To most effectively showcase its suite of breakthrough business solutions, Apttus selected a Prysm digital workplace solution for use in its Executive Briefing Center (EBC). McCoy explained, “Using the Prysm wall for presentations and interactive sessions enables us to accurately portray our message of being forward-thinking; the Prysm solution is at the core of our EBC experience.”

With responsibilities covering the United States, western Canada, Australia, and Japan, to prepare for worldwide client meetings McCoy customizes his presentations from his computer by utilizing the cloud-based Prysm Application Suite. The platform enables him to harness a wide variety of multi-media formats to infuse the essence of Apttus’ pioneering spirit throughout the audience, and then access the presentation and supporting content for customer meetings in the EBC, for any device, anywhere in the world.


Conveying the essence of Apttus

Whether presenting to potential clients, existing customers, or industry analysts, McCoy has continually been able to leverage the Prysm digital workplace solution to enhance his business propositions. “Certainly, Vanna White wouldn’t have been as impactful if she just stood still and clicked a button on the TV show,” chuckled McCoy, “Prysm enables me to have great mobility, and being able to touch the screen, drag in and enlarge additional visual aids to address questions, keeps the energy and excitement about Apttus building in the audience.”

Kent Perkocha, Apttus co-founder and chief customer officer, shared, “The Prysm wall is a fantastic way for me to kick things off with prospective customers because it’s so visually stunning; immediately grabbing their attention and conveying that we are a different type of company, totally focused on customers receiving value from our solutions.”

Dynamic Collaboration with Clients

“With Prysm, we’re able to take the basic concept of presenting content and put a next-generation ‘Star Trek’ layer on top of it,” expressed McCoy, “you can interact with the content and combine it with limitless inputs and materials.”

Installed in an open environment with no desks or walls, the Prysm solution is the focal point of each presentation; “Its interactive features take meetings to the next level of dynamic collaboration,” observed McCoy. “We can save work, annotate screenshots, and take the output of the interactive sessions onward to continue dialogue without missing a beat.”

He admitted, “I sometimes over dramatize the interactive-touch feature of the solution; zooming in on some supporting content, flinging it to the side when I’m done, only to enlarge the next piece. Like the conductor of an orchestra, it delivers a unique experience that sticks with the audience, encouraging them to become totally immersed and engaged in the discussion.”

Leaving the EBC with “Hygge”

Today, the company has expanded its use from the EBC’s single 190” Prysm wall to having an additional screen in one of the headquarter building’s largest conference rooms, available for both internal and external collaboration meetings.

Perkocha reflected, “Customers and prospects that attend our interactive discussions using Prysm come away very impressed, both with our application of technology and our people. They clearly receive the message that Apttus is a high-growth, innovative, and transformational application provider that will empower them to change the way they do business. The energy and excitement that the Prysm wall helps us deliver gives visitors a very warm, cozy feeling – the Danish word “Hygge” – is really the best description!”