Schlesinger Group

Global Input Stimulating Real-Time Solution Development Via Prysm

For almost 50 years, Schlesinger Group has been a major provider of data-collection and focus-group services to clients all over the world. From healthcare to finance, IT, and business markets, Schlesinger Group has worked to perfect the science of qualitative and quantitative data collection. To help with data gathering, as well as with the delivery of compelling results to clients, Schlesinger partnered with Prysm for an innovative, interactive platform.

The company sought a solution that could engage clients, improve communication and collaboration, and display data in a way that would drive better business insights. As a company whose services include research such as in-person focus groups and online surveys, Schlesinger selected a Prysm digital workplace platform to facilitate the most engaging experience for participants. A 190-inch video wall with software platform from Prysm was deployed in the company’s New York-based headquarters, accompanied by two 85-inch displays in its Chicago and Los Angeles offices.

Efficiently Gathering Global Input

Steve Schlesinger, chief executive officer for Schlesinger Group, explained, “The ability to react and swiftly travel to cover different geographic areas, as well as to attract and gain the participation of many participants globally, has become more and more challenging. By utilizing the Prysm platform for worldwide collaboration, we’ve seen clients get excited about the opportunity to use this type of technology for research or creative stimuli; the opportunities are endless.”

Schlesinger can work with clients — both remotely in the online Prysm workplaces, as well as locally, in one of the Prysm wall-enabled rooms — to explore all of the research data. Prysm’s hyper-visual, always-on digital walls are touch sensitive and highly interactive. The collaboration software ignites innovative thinking and transforms meetings into experiences.

Faster from Insight to Action

Rob Ramirez, Schlesinger’s executive vice president of strategic development, stated, “High-impact visualization has enabled moderators to experience increased engagement in qualitative studies; witnessing reactions in real-time, just as subjects interact with the stimulus — not just hearing what they are saying, but also seeing the physical responses.”

Enthusiastically, he added, “The Prysm walls have shown increased speed and quality of data collection; leading to our clients reporting clearer and faster insights to action.”

Schlesinger concurred. “We are able to gauge our research subjects in a way that we have never had in the past," he said. We’re witnessing clients working together with customers in the Prysm digital workplace platform; giving them the ability to have first-hand insights into how to improve, modify, or build and develop new offerings. It’s very exciting and invigorating for all the participants.”

Innovation through Collaboration

With 650 people covering 29 offices across two continents, Schlesinger credits the Prysm digital workplace platform for connecting employees with the company's global customers. Despite geographical distances, Schlesinger staff and clients can convene to present, access, discuss, and interact in live meetings from Prysm wall-enabled meeting rooms, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Since the Prysm platform deployment, more than a dozen pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions have worked with Schlesinger Group in this new style of collaborative meetings. Customer satisfaction scores from these sessions have been 100%, and each client has returned to run additional projects.

“Clients are very excited by this technology because of the opportunities it enables to develop and co-create solutions in a much more meaningful way than we have ever had in the past,” affirmed Schlesinger.

The Prysm solution speaks to Schlesinger’s commitment to high-precision data collection and innovative business solutions; catapulting the company to become one of the 50 most innovative companies in market research, according to the GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report.

“New possibilities with the Prysm platform are being dreamed up as we work with it every day,” chuckled Schlesinger, “it is a core foundation for our future.”

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