Sprint Executive Briefing Center


Sprint Executive Briefing Center

In the fiercely competitive US telecom industry, it’s important to stand out. For Sprint Corporation, this means viewing each interaction as an opportunity to impress, engage and reinforce the elements that set the company apart from its rivals.


Sprint’s executive briefing center (EBC) is the first face-to-face exposure that many enterprise customers, partners and prospects have to the telecom giant. “We wanted a new space that would help position Sprint as an innovative technology leader and craft a truly compelling and collaborative learning experience. The Prysm installation does just that,” said John Heiman, Sprint’s Director of Experiential Marketing.

Differentiating Sprint from the Outset

Sprint has annual revenues of more than $32B and serves more than 60 million customers with wireless voice, messaging and global wireline services. Its EBC is located at the company’s headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas.

A recognized challenge in the design of the existing EBC was that the round, theater-style layout made visitors feel like they were sitting through a lecture. “We realized that every presentation we gave unintentionally put our guests into a subordinate position, which was the exact opposite of what we wanted,” Heiman recalled. He continued, “I knew we needed a dynamic environment that would really promote peer-to-peer collaboration. When I saw that Prysm enabled touch-sensitive content management, we immediately began working with them.”

Forming A Futuristic Experience

“Prysm Visual Workplace is technically superior to anything else on the market,” Heiman noted, “but what’s really compelling for me is how these advantages come together to enhance the overall visitor experience. Prysm really understands that it’s all about the experience, not the technology.”

A 50’ curved wall — featuring 120 Prysm laser phosphor display tiles and minimal bezels — serves as the centerpiece of the Sprint EBC’s 2,300 square foot rotunda. As the focal point in the main presentation area, Sprint personnel use the interactive screens to share ideas and collaborate with visitors. Every element of the space actively encourages conversation and engagement. 

The use of modern materials and a narrow palette of colors provide the perfect backdrop to showcase artifacts from Sprint’s storied history of innovation and invention. “We frequently hear guests exclaiming that this is the coolest room they’ve ever been in!” Heiman said.

Demonstrating Innovative Solutions

Sprint has chosen to leverage every aspect of the Prysm content-management solution to deliver a futuristic computer interaction: “Moving files around, drilling down into documents and popping back out into others without ever needing to show or use a desktop — all with just the swipe of a finger — is nirvana for me,” Heiman explained. “We can now use information to fuel our creativity. It’s become an enabler, not an interruption.”

The traditional role of executive briefing centers around the world is changing. Innovative leaders like John Heiman are displacing the monologue of yesterday with a powerful new focus on collaboration and co-creation.

A core mission of the company is to help people — consumers or businesses — gain efficiency through the delivery of innovative solutions, and the Sprint EBC now conveys that message in a very compelling format. Heiman concluded, “The Prysm video wall makes our solutions come to life in a real way for our visitors. They get very excited and enthusiastic to engage. Our original goal was to wow every visitor, and I think we’ve accomplished just that. Our account teams can really see the positive impact the EBC is having, and they keep coming back for more. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved.”