Wipro – Over US $8 Billion IT Services Powerhouse – Teams with Prysm to Inspire Global Innovation Center Visitors

Innovation is the underlying foundation of many of today’s most successful companies. Wipro Limited, a leading global information technology, consulting and business process services company, excels at inspiring innovation and bringing the benefits of creativity to its clients. Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, with over 175,000 employees Wipro is one of the country’s largest IT services companies and among the world’s most respected providers of technology-related consulting.

To address the challenge of concisely showcasing its own widely diverse set of capabilities in a collaborative way to clients, Wipro launched a series of high-impact international projects. K. R. Sanjiv, chief technology officer for Wipro's Global IT Business, reflected, “One of our most effective initiatives has been the creation of a number of state-of-the-art innovation centers around the world. The centers enable us to craft a unique and highly personalized journey, tailored to the individual circumstances of each client.”

One of Sanjiv’s directives to his design team was to create an experience that truly engages clients: “It was imperative for me that we make each guest an actual participant in the story, not just a spectator. A big contributor to achieving this has been the utilization of multiple Prysm large-format, touch-enabled screens.”

Only One Chance to Make A Great First Impression

The Wipro US office in Mountain View, California is home to one of the company’s latest innovation centers: A massive Prysm LPD large-format display is strategically located at the facility’s entrance to welcome visitors. “From the moment the doors open, people know they are going to experience something out of the ordinary,” remarked Sanjiv.

The first Prysm solution visitors engage with presents a vividly colored, high-resolution backdrop of iconic Silicon Valley landmarks. Integrated facial-recognition software automatically logs in new guests and acknowledges returning attendees. “Every touch-point in the center is choreographed to inspire clients and simultaneously showcase the full breadth of our capabilities,” noted Sanjiv. “As organizations set out to re-engineer their business, we want to be the trusted partner of choice and co-innovator in their transformation journey. Every element of our innovation centers is hand-picked to reinforce that we have the creativity, the tools and processes, and the expertise to help our clients succeed.”




Sophisticated Storytelling

Once inside the innovation center, visitors are exposed to an almost overwhelming profusion of audio-visual encounters, including the opportunity to personally interact with additional Prysm screens, powered by Prysm visual collaboration software, offering the opportunity to embrace a broad selection of use-case scenarios. “The stories we are telling are futuristic, involving highly advanced technologies: The way we deliver these narratives must be equally sophisticated – it would just be wrong to use conventional equipment,” reflected Sanjiv. “Our selection of Prysm emphasizes on the fact that we are keen to explore an unconventional approach and not just adhere to a conventional approach.”

Partners Today and Tomorrow

Prior to partnering with Prysm, the Wipro design team researched options that could meet its rigorous requirements. As part of the due-diligence process, several Prysm implementations close to Wipro’s Bengaluru office were evaluated.

The Wipro team also was invited to Prysm’s India development center to be given insights into the company’s roadmap and future direction. “It’s all very well having a great technology today but we wanted to make sure that the necessary investment and innovation was in place to ensure that future products would also have the same impact on the market. At the end of the visit we were confident that Prysm is the right partner for us,” stated Sanjiv.

Further enhancing the value of the relationship, the Prysm account team has consistently provided quick responses and collaborative advice. “We have a very complex environment and we’re always pushing the envelope. Prysm is very involved in the build-out of our centers; I’m very happy with the support we’re receiving and the way our partnership has evolved over the years,” commented Sanjiv.

Elevating the Experience

The sheer size and the rich capabilities of Prysm offer great flexibility to explore and elevate how stories are created and communicated. “The Prysm screens and software have proven to be an extremely effective method of conveying what Wipro is all about. We’re able to incorporate data from multiple sources – actively encouraging visitors to manipulate and interact directly with the information on the workspaces. By presenting audience members with the means to become personally involved and having each person immersed in the story, Prysm gives us the ability to take the experience to a whole new level,” said Sanjiv.

He concluded, “Feedback from the many hundreds of visitors we’ve hosted – including CIOs, CEOs, journalists, analysts and hardcore technologists – has been consistently phenomenal. Everyone has been immensely impressed with the experience we deliver.”

Company: Wipro Limited
Industry: IT Services, Consulting
Headquarters: India
Size (employees): Over 175,000
Revenue: Over US $8 Billion