China Resources University

China Resources University Inspires Students with Prysm

Every five years for the past six decades, the Government of China has created a new iteration of its master plan for the country’s ongoing growth. One of the goals of China’s 12th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development, was to systematically improve organizational capabilities and promote sustainable development.

Planning for the Future

One of the plan’s cornerstones was the creation of the China Resources University, founded by a conglomerate of government-owned companies known as the China Resources Group. Integrated into a larger, mixed-use development, the university’s 14-acre campus is designed to provide an inspiring and nurturing environment for both students and staff.

Opened in 2018, and created jointly as part of the global Deloitte Greenhouse initiative, the China Resources University Action Learning Innovation Center is a focal point of the campus that is deservedly attracting enthusiastic international attention. The center utilizes a combination of behavioral science, analytics, technology, and facilitation to transcend traditional methods of problem-solving to achieve breakthrough results.

Pushing Boundaries

china-resources-university-prysm-1A key ingredient in the success of the Innovation Center has been the deployment of two Prysm LPD 6K Series displays, complemented by an additional six Prysm 85 LCD displays. Each device is powered by Prysm Application Suite to deliver an immersive, interactive experience; enabling session participants to push the boundaries of creativity and collaboration.

A 190-inch Prysm LPD 6K Series display is installed as the centerpiece of the center’s demonstration hall, providing instant access to the University’s research materials and archives, as well as real-time external and user-contributed content. The touchscreen capabilities of the LPD 6K enable information from these diverse sources to be assimilated and manipulated in unique combinations to support deepened learning and yield unprecedented outcomes.

china-resources-university-prysm-4The Innovation Center has been constructed to accommodate individually adaptable learning spaces. Each space has the ability to be dynamically reconfigured around one of the six Prysm 85 display solutions to ensure that all study and discussion groups always have access to the same empowering capabilities. The addition of the Prysm Application Suite software delivers the option to share content, tools, and applications across each of the displays, enabling participants to view and interact with the same information simultaneously.

Bold, Beautiful and Eco-Friendly

Able to operate on less power than a commercial coffee maker, the LPD 6K fully aligns with the focus of the Chinese government’s Five-Year Plan on fiscal and environmental considerations. The implementation was designed and managed by Prysm partner, the China Daheng Group, one of the country’s leading solutions providers and system integrators.

Admired for their ability to empower learning and research, the Prysm displays, powered by Prysm software, also are having a visceral impact on visitors to the center. The stunning resolution coupled with the immense size of the flagship LPD 6K bezel-free, touch-enabled 190” display makes a compelling and enduring statement about the university’s tangible commitment to innovation and creativity.


Organization: China Resources University
Industry: Education
Location: Huizhou, China
Size: 500 Students