MeetDistrict Creates an Ideal Work Environment with Prysm

Headquartered in the Belgian city of Ghent, and surrounded by corporate offices and local businesses, MeetDistrict offers revolutionary meeting spaces centered around the needs of entrepreneurial professionals. The 10,000-square meter village offers individuals and groups the freedom to work in a state-of-the-art environment. To foster the collaboration and creativity needed to achieve rapid results, MeetDistrict incorporated the Prysm digital workplace platform to encourage inspired brainstorming, inclusion of geographically diverse teams, and elevated productivity.

With Prysm’s digital workplace platform, users quickly get hooked on the easy-to-use features of the digital wall and always come back, whether it is to brainstorm, lead a meeting, or continue an educational program

Each one of the over 500 flexible office workspaces and meeting rooms are meticulously designed to maximize output; from the ergonomic furniture and custom lighting, to balanced acoustics and tailored color schemes. MeetDistrict caters to larger groups with its MeetSpace; unique conference rooms with advanced technology – including the Prysm-powered digital workplace – for a more dynamic and innovation-driven environment.

The Perfect Work Space

Geoffrey Speybrouck, CEO of MeetDistrict, recounted, “It all started as an experiment; we really wanted to focus on how architecture, technology and organization could help people augment their productivity. We sought to create an environment where both introverts and extraverts could be more efficient.”

By incorporating its “Meet and Retreat” concepts into the architecture, MeetDistrict offers a space for everyone: Introverts can quietly chat in the coffee nook or in one of the central ‘marketplaces,’ while extroverts can find more concentration and focus in ‘retreat boxes.’

The Ghent facility currently provides a productive work environment to over 50 companies and 800 users. With flexible packages, users can rent out rooms for half a day, two-hours, or lease a satellite office for longer. Establishing its reputation as a strong enabler for incubator companies, MeetDistrict has scaled its network from local to international companies, enabling groups to collaborate and communicate more effectively.


Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

MeetDistrict partnered with Prysm from its conception, utilizing both 190-inch and 85-inch Prysm displays. “The Prysm digital workplace is always our first stop when we are giving a tour of the facilities because they are such a vital part of our image,” explained Speybrouck. “Prysm is at the forefront of collaboration technology and the walls’ capabilities align closely with our mission and amplify what the MeetDistrict stands for.”

Prysm’s digital canvas enables MeetDistrict users to view files – documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, videos, etc. – alongside online applications and web browsers on a crisp, clear screen. Remote participants can join a meeting, interact with the information being shared, and be seen on the massive display screen by the local team working in the MeetSpace. The advanced technology enables organizations to involve participants in collaborative sessions whenever it makes sense, rather than being bound by budgetary restrictions that limit travel; of particular value to both established and start-up companies

“With Prysm’s digital workplace platform, users quickly get hooked on the easy-to-use features of the digital wall and always come back, whether it is to brainstorm, lead a meeting, or continue an educational program. It keeps people engaged and creative conversations flowing,” noted Speybrouck.

He added, “Collaboration is important but you have to facilitate it correctly for the most effective output. Too often companies force inefficient communication by putting teams in a vanilla room. We offer a mix of spaces within our facility to permit everyone to find an area that works best for them, and when they come together in the MeetSpace, the Prysm wall is a great solution for enabling sharing of ideas and data to culminate in productive decision-making.”

Excellent Growth Fueled by Prysm

Equipped with the Prysm digital workplace platform, MeetDistrict stays true to its mission of being a responsive work environment and supporting incubator companies. “We designed this space so professionals could get the most out of themselves,” expounded Speybrouck. “Companies that have experienced our distinctive environment love it, and as a result we have enjoyed excellent growth; increasing our users by over 65 percent in two years.”

He concluded, “We made the choice to partner with Prysm at the very beginning of creating MeetDistrict. Prysm shows people that we mean business and that we’re serious about fostering creativity, collaboration, and innovation.”

Company: MeetDistrict
Industry: Business Services
Headquarters: Ghent, Belgium
Valuation: $37M