Aerospace Company

Aerospace Giant Unleashes Creativity with Prysm

One of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense solutions – including international space programs – partnered with Prysm to help achieve competitive excellence by undertaking a digital transformation.

A Workplace of the Future

With the nature of the workplace changing, the style of work at the company was evolving to be more collaborative. Searching for a solution to effortlessly bring people together, create more interaction and boost efficiency, it evaluated several potential approaches. Comparing products from Bluescape, Cisco Spark, MultiTaction and Prysm, the aerospace giant concluded that the Prysm visual collaboration platform was the ideal fit for creating a flexible and productive work environment.

Delivering a seamless team-meeting experience that fuels employee engagement, the Prysm solution streamlines communications and decision-making, resulting in tangible business innovation. With highly visual cloud-based workspaces, employees can work directly with the Prysm display or online from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. The solution accommodates up to 25 remote locations actively participating; creating an environment that promotes individual productivity, centralized team communication, and improved performance.

Communication and Work Efficiency

The company’s CIO and vice president of engineering spearheaded the implementation, overseeing the deployment of over 2,000 Prysm licenses and installation of 35 displays, including multiple Prysm 85-inch screens. The company now has a flexible work environment that encourages distributed teams to interact in real-time, irrespective of location. Paperless, visual, and personal; its Prysm-powered digital workplace brings employees together, increasing work efficiency and creativity. It also fuels business agility by engaging formerly siloed groups within the organization.

Unleashing Creativity

Prysm’s dynamic, touch-enabled displays facilitate the simultaneous display of multiple pieces of content, adding visual interest and clarity during team-meetings. Real-time annotation and a uniquely interactive screen unleashes innovation and accelerates innovation; ultimately driving the creation of new business solutions. Post-sale ‘war rooms’ leverage the Prysm platform for data analysis, dashboard creation, and performance reviews.

The widespread use of Prysm’s visual collaboration solution is enabling communication and collaboration between previously disparate departments; resulting in the accelerated development of the new products and service that are critical for the company to achieve and surpass its business objectives.