Standard Process

Standard Process and Prysm Partner to Transform Education within Nutritional Medicine

“Don’t forget to eat your vegetables…,” is a phrase we all heard when we were younger. As we begrudgingly pushed around our brussels sprouts and scraped the remaining peas off our plates, neither us nor our parents paused to understand or even reinforce the importance of dietary education. And the same goes for the medical field – for far too long, physicians never bothered to do much about nutritional education, bequeathing the duty to dieticians or specialized counselors.

Standard Process has been working since 1929 to modify the status quo, instilling holistic nutrition into everyday healthcare practices. Working directly with providers and practitioners, the company promotes a healthy lifestyle through its unique wellness programs that encourage nutrition-related education, supplement consumption, and much more.

Dr. John Troup, vice president of clinical science, innovation and education at Standard Process, explained, “As we’re enhancing clinical practices and integrating new nutritional concepts into healthcare, education is the backbone of everything we do.” The centerpiece of education delivery happens in the Standard Process media and learning center, leveraging a Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K touchscreen.

He added, “The center is designed to be a meeting place where healthcare practitioners come together to facilitate the growth and adaption of new nutritional information into the clinical world.” With a massive 190-inch screen, the Prysm LPD 6K is revolutionizing how the nutrition and supplement experts of Standard Process impart knowledge.


Capturing the Excitement

“There is a huge gap in our industry; we needed a way to educate, encourage, engage, and influence practitioners to help accelerate awareness around the use of nutrition to drive medical solutions,” explained Dr. Troup. “We wanted to identify a technology that would enable us to encapsulate the excitement we have about our products and deliver it in a totally immersive way.”

After almost a year of searching platforms and testing various interactive displays, the company came across Prysm. Dr. Troup recalled, “I was exposed to Prysm at a conference and was immediately captivated by its potential to transform how education would be delivered in the future.”

A 3-D Learning Experience

“We were so enthralled by its possibilities that we actually designed the center around the Prysm LPD 6K: We knew it was capable of creating a paradigm shift in how participants expect to be educated,” said Dr. Troup. “We almost have to reprogram people not to expect a one-dimensional presentation; with Prysm we can plunge practitioners into a three-dimensional learning experience. Rather than sitting back and trying to be attentive, we find attendees are fully engaged from the outset and inspired to absorb everything they possibly can. People are doing back flips down here seeing the Prysm LPD 6K!

We consistently hear people exclaim, ‘Wow!’ and see them become empowered, motivated learners.”

Not your Grandfather’s Medical School

With its size, image clarity, touch-interactivity, and cool-to-the-touch surface, it’s impossible not to be impressed by the Prysm LPD 6K display, particularly in the innovative way in which Standard Process leverages the extensive set of capabilities.

“We use augmented reality to create three-dimensional views of the human anatomy,” disclosed Dr. Troup. “We break down key functions in the human body and use these to visually demonstrate how nutrition plays a role in supporting each system. Practitioners come up to the screen and can twist and turn the virtual body around, examining it from multiple perspectives as if it were a real, live patient.”

He continued, “Not only do people want to learn while they’re here, they want to know when they can come back and absorb even more.”

Visitors to the Standard Process media and learning center naturally gravitate to the lifelike colors and bezel-free design of the giant Prysm display. “We show footage of our 1,200-acre organic farm in Wisconsin, where we grow crops using a unique process to enhance our nutrient density,” described Dr. Troup.

“When you’re watching the video, it’s as if you are sitting in a state-of-the-art IMAX theater, viewing what happens to planting and harvesting across the different seasons. I can't even begin to explain how it brings everything alive for people who have never been there and transports those who have visited in the past. Words just don’t do it justice,” enthused Dr. Troup.

An Eagerness to Learn

“It’s one thing just to use technology, but it’s another to harness it to generate true impact; influencing behaviors and attitudes,” noted Dr. Troup. The Prysm LPD 6K solution gives Standard Process a mechanism to capture the true essence of its products and share it in a way that is engaging and compelling for practitioners. Knowledge transfer is no longer a one-dimensional monolog. Audience members become active participants and quickly turn into ambassadors for the excitement and innovation that have established Standard Process as a recognized leader within the nutritional supplement industry.

“We view ourselves as innovators and the Prysm LPD 6K display is a tangible extension of that mentality. It helps bring education alive. It shortens the learning curve and creates an excitement that has been a long time coming in the healthcare education world,” concluded Dr. Troup.


Company: Standard Process
Industry: Healthcare Nutrition Supplements/Clinical Nutrition
Headquarters: Palmyra, Wisconsin
Size: 450 employees
Revenue: Privately owned, not disclosed